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“Pizza e Vino went past any expectations I had walking into the establishment. The waitress was super helpful and very courteous. The atmosphere was fun and inviting. Being able to watch your food being made from your table was cool. The food was amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if other patrons were looking at us strangely from all the moans of deliciousness coming from our table. I can easily say this was by far one of the best restaurant experiences I have had in a long while. Do not hesitate to try Pizza e Vino because you will not be disappointed.”

Yelp! user Nathan A.

Santa Ana, CA , 3/9/2015

“As close to Italy as you can get in California”

“My family and I took a trip to Italy in 2007 and have been on a mission to find pizza like the ones we had in Italy here in So Cal. This is it..the restaurant is a half hour drive for us well worth it.”

TripAdvisor user "Iatasmom"

San Diego, CA, 6/8/2011

The space Pizza e Vino occupies has watched countless well-meaning Italian eateries drift into obscurity. But it seems the curse has been broken. Pizza e Vino has begun to make a name for itself—not just in South County, but across the Atlantic as well. In April, the gourmet pizzeria and wine bar gotits certification from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. Ingredients are imported from the boot, combined in harmonic perfection and cooked in extreme heat in wood-burning ovens. The ambrosial food is complemented by a diverse wine-and-beer list and savory salads. The lakeside restaurant only has about a dozen tables, so you’ll be sure to get very personal attention from the staff and congenial owner Steve Dickus. So, those of us who live in South County and want authentic, Naples-inspired pizza don’t have to book a transnational flight.

OC Weekly Best of 2010, "Best Also-Italian-Accredited Pizza"

There are a wealth of underground hotspots in Orange County that have wonderful food, and they have modest prices. These places are authentic, high-end spots that have a special feel to them. They’re timeless.

Pizza e Vino is one of them. Located in the heart of Santa Margarita, CA on the rural, gorgeous lake, Pizza e Vino brings authentic, neapolitan Italian pizza to the heart of South Orange County.

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Rancho Santa Margarita pizza . . . take two

Pizza e Vino, tucked into a shopping center anchored by a Ralphs, isn’t only a shining star for the city, it’s a shining star in Orange County where finding a crispy-thin Neapolitan pizza – baked in an imported, wood-burning oven – is a nearly impossible feat.

And oh what a pizza its is . . . .

Maybe it’s something they put in their pizzas, well duh, it totally is (great ingredients, but you got the joke right?), but I was seriously craving a return visit the night after we went.

I’ll also give credit to the setting – a dim wine bar (there’s wine, I didn’t drink any) with classical Italian music – as another reason to return for more.

OC Register

November 17th, 2008,

Pizza here is yummy in my tummy!

A friend of mine decided to try this place, and I think I keep thanking her everytime I see her! I went with a fairly large group of 14 people on a Friday night. Originally they had told us that they were going to have to seat us outside to accomodate us, but they were able to rearrange the tables and seat us inside. +1 for them!

On with the good stuff… the pizza!!! I had a hard time picking between the various pizzas, everything sounded good! I ended up getting the special that night which was a Pesto, Chicken, Sundried Tomato and Fontina cheese pizza. oOoo it was deeelish! Its nice and thin, not smothered in cheese and sauce. I can’t tell you if this is ‘authentic’ or not, since I’ve never been to Italy, but my tastebuds enjoyed it thoroughly. I traded with a bunch of my friends to create the “sampler platter” pizza. I was able to try the Prosciutto e Funghi, Misto Salumi, Quattro Formaggi (Q4 as they like to call it there), and the Margherita. They were all pretty good! Me being a carnivore though, I liked the ones with the meats more. I can’t wait to go back! Next time I’ll try to save room for the tiramisu!

Urbanspoon user Belinda

March 4, 2009

Naples Pie in Rancho Santa Margarita!

Authentic Naples-style pizza, wood-fired, thin crust with delectable toppings, fresh mozzarella and herbs. My favorite pizza is the Stefano, which is a white pizza with olive oil, wild shrimp, toasted garlic, and fresh basil. The antipasto salad is excellent too – light and refreshing! The atmosphere is relaxing and there is a charming little area to dine on the outside patio – great for a date.

Urbanspoon user Abby

Oct 17, 2008,

It’s About Time!

Finally, RSM has a delicious restaurant with all the fixins! I checked it out after a friend told me how yummy it is. I had family in town and decided this would be a great place to take them. It was better than I ever imagined. The garlic bread is to die for, the pizza toppings are so fresh and the crust is perfect. I loved it so much I took my husband the following week and keep in mind he is picky about his pizza. He loved it and as soon as we picked up his mom from the airport the following week, we headed straight to PIzza E Vino. Of course she fell in love too. The atmosphere is cozy, the service is great and the food is simply delicious and perfect.

Urbanspoon user Jamie

Dec 8, 2008,