roasted bone marrow, slow roasted gilroy garlic, maldon sea salt, crostini
burrata with vine tomato, olive oil, balsamic reduction, micro basil
wild gulf shrimp creole, pan seared with spicy creole rub, house chili oil, lemon, micro basil
assorted italian salumi, with mozzarella, artichoke, roasted pepper, olive, caper berries, crostini
beef tenderloin carpaccio, wild arugula, prosciutto vinaigrette, quail egg, maldon salt, olive oil, crostini
wood fired garlic bread, made-to-order with fresh gilroy chopped garlic, pecorino romano, olive oil
fire roasted tomato basil soup, drizzled with house chili oil

small salads

add: grilled california chicken breast  | agostino recca anchovy  | U12 wild gulf shrimp

caesar: house made dressing, romaine heart, 24-month aged parmigiano reggiano, house crouton
artichoke & arugala: spanish olive oil, fresh lemon juice, 24-month aged parmigiano reggiano
earthbound organic mixed greens & apples: midnight moon goat cheese, house candied walnuts, dried cranberry, champagne dressing
house side salad: mixed greens, carrot, cannellini beans, tomato, balsamic dressing

entree salads

antipasto salad: organic mixed greens, tomato, red onion, artichoke heart, gaeta olives, sopressata, dry salami, hot capocollo, 24-month aged parmigiano reggiano, balsamic dressing
berry salad: organic mixed greens, gorgonzola dolce, house candied walnuts, grilled california chicken breast, seasonal berries, berry walnut dressing

neapolitan pizza (12 inch)

san marzano tomato sauce base with fior di latte mozzarella & pecorino romano

mozzarella di bufala with basil
house wild boar sausage sicilian oregano, chili flake
guanciale house sausage, sicilian oregano, fennel pollen, chili flake
fire roasted crimini mushroom, gilroy garlic, thyme
fra’ mani sopressata, hot capocollo, wild boar sausage
pepperoni & chili flake
prosciutto & arugula finished w/24 month aged parmigiano reggiano
24 month prosciutto di parma
parma ham & fire roasted mushroom
chopped gilroy garlic, sicilian oregano (NO CHEESE)
giardino,fire roasted crimini mushroom, bell pepper, zucchini, onion, fresh thyme (NO CHEESE)

pizza with olive oil base, fior di latte mozzarella & pecorino romano

gorgonzola dolce, smoked scamorza, fontina, midnight moon goat cheese, gilroy garlic, sicilian oregano
sausage & red onion, chili flake
vesuvio, agostino recca anchovy, chili flake
blake, house BBQ sauce, california chicken breast, smoked scamorza, red onion, fresh thyme
chicken breast & house pesto, midnight moon goat cheese, house slow roasted tomato
stefano, wild gulf shrimp, toasted gilroy garlic, micro basil
tiffani, toasted gilroy garlic, micro basil
artichoke hearts, slow roasted tomato, roasted pepper, gaeta olive, & balsamic
pizza burrata, fire roasted grape tomato, balsamic reduction, micro basil

weekly pastas & desserts

Our menu features house made pastas and desserts. Ask your waiter what specials are available during your next visit.

Pizza e Vino serves traditional Neapolitan pizza handcrafted by our trained pizzaioli in the tradition of Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza. We use fresh handmade Fior de Latte mozzarella and our tomato sauce is made using San Marzano tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius. Our dough is prepared daily using imported Southern Italian flour and then hand-stretched and baked in our Italian wood burning oven at 850 degrees, making our pizza as authentic and delicious as that found on the streets of Naples.